Refrigeration Control Systems

Customized Industrial Refrigeration Control Systems

We create customized industrial refrigeration controls that reduce operating and energy costs, improve plant productivity and help promote employee and product safety. Connectivity options provide convenient access and integration with third-party solutions for the new IoT world.
An industry leader

Logix® leverages its two industry-leading components to deliver the best energy management systems in the business.

“Logix has a deep knowledge of all the intricacies of a good refrigeration system in different environments. They’re more than just controls experts – they have good refrigeration management knowledge.”

Alan Burrows, P.E. - Corporate Engineer

Capable solutions for today, positioned for tomorrow

Leverage limitless customization that meets your unique facility’s every requirement.  Then rest easy, knowing open-source Linux technology is ready to adapt to tomorrow’s new challenges.

Logix systems leverage two industry-leading components for the best energy management systems in the business:

Clarity Management Software:  The sophisticated Logix Clarity management software for PCs communicates with distributed controllers, graphically displays and logs operating data, and provides for user viewing and alteration of control settings. The software is prized by our customers for intuitive ease of use, sophisticated visualization of the refrigeration system, and powerful data analysis tools.

Axiom™ Microprocessor Panels:  The industrial-grade Axiom microprocessor panels provide distributed control of compressors, evaporators, condensers and other mechanical equipment for maximum efficiency and safety.

The two combine to provide robust reliability, versatile networking and remote access and notification features for the wide-ranging needs of our customers.