Agility™ Condenser Controller

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Agility™ Condenser Controller Screen
pressure monitoring
Pressure control support

Supports Wet-bulb approach pressure control

Maximizes energy efficiency

Controls VFD and Single-speed fans for maximum energy efficiency

Analog sensor inputs

Analog Sensor Inputs for Condenser Pressure, Outside Air Temperature and Relative Humidity, plus an optional Condensate Temperature.

User-adjustable modes

Provides user-adjustable equipment lead list, modes and control settings with cold temperature protection

Digital relays

Solid-state Digital Relays for controlling pumps and fan, monitoring fan fault and energizing alarm annunciator.

Analog outputs

Analog Outputs for controlling Fan Variable Frequency Drives (additional VFDs can be controlled in tandem)

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“Agility controllers are good-to-go right out of the box and field configurable from my smart phone.”

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