Axiom™ Microprocessor Panels

Flexible, modular design to address your plant’s specific control challenges.

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easy integration
Easy Integration

The modules integrate seamlessly into your existing control configuration

field tested
Field tested

Axiom hardware has been proven in harsh, electrically “noisy” environments to ensure reliability in the most adverse industrial conditions

Self diagnosis

“Watch Dog” timer and power monitor detects power loss and control panel malfunctions, forcing outputs into a safe condition

digital input and output
Digital inputs and outputs

Up to 64 digital inputs or outputs in any combination

analog input and output
Analog outputs

Up to 12 industrially-hardened analog outputs

Modular approach

As your plant expands, simply add Logix control modules to meet your increased control needs

Connectivity technology

Two isolated ethernet ports: one dedicated to refrigeration equipment, the other for remote access and broad connectivity

memory configuration
Memory configuration

Up to 1.5 megabytes of ten-year, battery-backed configuration, storage and data memory; and up to 4 megabytes of permanent program and fixed data memory

analog input and output
Analog inputs

Up to 64 industrially-hardened fault tolerant analog inputs

Logix Watermark

“We didn’t know how the Logix controls would handle our power sources and hold up to the rough marine environment…Logix virtually eliminated unplanned downtime.”

Dave Ross

Trident Seafoods

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