Agility™ Vessel Controller

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Agility™ Vessel Controller Screen
Two pump control

Control one vessel with two refrigerant pumps

pressure monitoring
Maintain vessel level

Maintain vessel level by cycling a solenoid feed valve or modulating a motorized feed valve with a 4-20ma signal

Auxiliary readbacks

Monitor auxiliary readbacks to confirm operation

Cavitation detection

Monitor differential pressure to detect cavitation. Three pause cycles to correct.

Pump starter

Pump starter optional


Alarm output

Continuous level monitor

Monitor a continuous level probe with a 4-20ma signal

Sealed pump protection

Lead-Backup control and protection for two sealed pumps


Low liquid level pump cutout with auto-restart

Backup pump switches

Switches to Backup pump operation upon Lead failure

Emergency shutdown

Emergency Shutdown input

Motorized feed valve

Integral 24VDC power for motorized feed valve (Danfoss, Parker R/S and Hansen types)

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