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We have the in-depth experience to overcome the challenges associated with plant optimization.

Logix® develops control solutions for multiple industrial refrigeration industries by working closely with our customers. We take pride in creating relationships with long-term partners who are committed to energy sustainability, maximum uptime, and risk management.

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Cold Storage & Distribution

Logix® offers the most capable controllers for cold storage and distribution centers of all sizes, providing the ability to fully integrate with all refrigeration equipment, inside and outside of the engine room. With the capability to integrate with third party IoT automation software platforms, Logix controls enable you to fully automate the refrigeration system in any facility, during times of peak load and expensive peak hours. For added productivity, Logix delivers the tools needed to fully manage the refrigeration system both locally and remotely.

Trident Seafoods Case Study

Trident Seafoods Corporation gains production efficiencies in a demanding at-sea environment.

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Industry - Food & Beverage Processing

Food & Beverage Processing

Logix® controls provide users with the ability to manage all equipment within the refrigeration system -- including plate freezers, blast cells, tunnel freezers, and hydraulic controls -- while providing full-facility management opportunities and coordinated production load management. Our refrigeration system controls easily integrate with existing building management systems, streamlining refrigeration within any process.

National Frozen Foods Case Study

Energy consumption at the Albany facility dropped significantly after installation of the Logix system — enough that National was able to qualify for electrical utility subsidies and state energy tax credits.

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Wine & Spirits Industry Photo

Wine & Spirits

Logix® controls easily integrate refrigeration into the wine-making process and provide full-facility coordination. Our controls provide the solutions required to optimize production, including full tank control and coordination, heat exchanger and glycol chiller management, and managing fluctuating equipment with load levelers.

Chateau Ste. Michelle Case Study

Within months of using the Logix® system, Chateau Ste. Michelle upgraded their operations with improved efficiency, enhanced record keeping, and increased cost savings.

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Logix® provides the robust controls required to rapidly change ice temperature and provide integration and management of humidity control, underfloor warming, ice pit melting, and lighting control. Our ice rink controls can be utilized by smaller facilities with a single ice rink or larger rec complexes faced with the challenge of controlling multiple rinks with a single controller.

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