Clarity™ Management Software

With the Clarity graphical user interface, your window on refrigeration couldn’t be clearer.

Clarity Management Software - iPad
Unmatched management features

Quickly identify and correct problems or trends that can cost owners lost product and high energy bills. No other refrigeration management software is easier to use or more capable.

Real-time animated refrigeration graphics

Realistic and functional graphics represent current operating conditions of compressors, evaporators, and other equipment with animated movement, color-coded on/off status, and read-outs of sensor points.

Computer-based connectivity

Utilizing standard computer networks, companies can have full access to Logix Clarity’s features from any connected PC installed with Logix Clarity Client software.

Automatic alarm and failure remote notification

Alert personnel of any system alarm or equipment failure through the use of text and email messaging.

Trend logging and reporting

Clarity records, stores, and retrieves all system conditions in user-defined time intervals year after year. Temperatures, pressures, amperage, control modes, operating settings, and other items are available for reporting and analysis.

Diagnostic tools

Whether you’re using real-time plotting to diagnose troublesome equipment behavior, or viewing control system status screens for communication or control point activity, identifying and correcting problems and trends are within a few keystrokes.

Password protection

Clarity’s password protection restricts access with a system of multiple authority levels, and records history of user access for future reference.

Third-party system integration

Exchange data and integrate operating parameters, system status, and log trends with third-party systems like PLC and SCADA through a host of industry standard communications options.

Equipment maintenance manager

Create work orders with description and check list, maintenance date, parts needed, and personnel assigned to the task. In addition, the Manager features a maintenance history log for recording all maintenance activity (useful for Process Safety Management compliance).

On-screen manual and documentation

Available from anywhere in Clarity, get instant on-screen “How to Use” information on your current work activity. Clarity’s Help function provides a powerful search engine and thorough index with quick links to help you easily find the information you need.

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“You have the ability to tune the system at your fingertips. The convenience is tremendous…there are no surprises with a Logix system. We are a seven-time repeat customer, which says something in itself.”

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