Agility™ EPCS Controller

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Bypass control

Overpressure bypass control for two or three pressure zone refrigeration plants

IIAR-2 Appendix I compliant

Designed to comply with IIAR-2 Appendix I

Solenoid valve control

Controls one bypass solenoid valve with 2nd valve option for two suction zone systems

At-a-glance status

Power and pressure trip pilot lights for at-a-glance status

Reset and test switches

Convenient Reset and Bypass test switches

Remote override

Actuate from remote override switches (not included)

Transducer protection

Pressure snubbers to protect pressure transducers are provided

Remote alarm output

Alarm output to a remote monitored location

Plug n’ Play

Plug n’ Play menu selection between 250# and 300# systems

pressure monitoring
Pressure adjust

Flexible trip pressure adjust

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