Reduce Energy Consumption

Equipment Efficiencies

Logix Systems continuously monitor facility cooling load and control equipment to meet refrigeration demand, while using the least amount of energy possible. Specific automated equipment control strategies include:
Energy efficiency on two levels

Logix® control systems ensure the most energy-efficient operation at the individual equipment level and from comprehensive plant-wide coordination.

“We now have the Logix system to the point where it works so efficiently, we don’t even run all of our evaporators – and most of those are running at only 50% fan speed.”

Tim Kierst, Maintenance Manager
Safeway Tracy


• Continuous Capacity Fine-tuning meets your facility’s cooling demand while preventing any unnecessary start-up of energy-hungry compressor motors.
• Automatic Compressor Selection chooses and stages compressors for maximum energy efficiency at any given cooling load.
• Smooth Transition Control limits the demand charge when changing lead lists or after compressor failure.
• Floating Suction Pressure adjusts suction pressure continually, to minimize compressor horsepower requirements for changing load conditions.
• Variable-speed motor control maximizes power savings under partial load conditions.

Logix Refrigeration Control System Screw Compressor Animation


• Load Leveler™ coordinates cooling operation to limit the “random spike demand” cost typical of simple thermostat-type control.
• Variable-speed fan control minimizes fan energy on an individual evaporator as well as zone-wide.
• Fan cycling control turns off constant-speed fan motors during light load conditions.
• Defrost Manager minimizes total energy consumed by 1) reducing defrost frequency using a range of sensing technologies that directly detect frost buildup, or 2) initiating defrost via liquid runtime and other methods. The Defrost Manager also limits the number of evaporators that can defrost at once, blocks defrost during high energy periods and terminates defrost to prevent excess duration.

Logix Refrigeration Control System Air Unit Animation


• Floating Pressure Control continually adjusts to the lowest possible setting while preventing unnecessary operation of pumps and fan motors, minimizing compressor horsepower requirements.
• Flexible Staging (for both increasing and decreasing capacity settings) results in steady pressure control and minimized condenser cycling.
• Continuous Capacity Fine-tuning selects the most efficient condensers for current load while reducing pump horsepower requirements.
• Variable-speed motor control provides maximum fan-energy savings.
• Non-condensable Gas Detection adaptively controls purger operation for the optimal elimination of energy-penalizing refrigerant contaminants.

Logix Refrigeration Control System Condenser Animation

Other Equipment

Many pieces of equipment, including chillers, refrigerant vessels, pumps, product storage tanks, purgers and others, can be made more efficient by using a Logix control system and strategies.