“The easiest and best place to find energy savings is often by taking advantage of every control feature offered by the refrigeration control system.”

Rob Morton
VP of Programs and Engineering
Cascade Energy Engineering

National Frozen Foods

Customer Need

For several years the staff of a National Frozen Foods’ vegetable processing and cold-storage facility in Albany, Oregon, had been searching for ways to improve energy efficiency and better manage the facility’s extensive refrigeration operations. Those operations include a blast freezer, four freezing tunnels and six cold storage rooms spread among three distinct plants. Complicating matters was the seasonal nature of the company’s operations, which vary considerably from the production-intensive harvest season to the storage-intensive off-season.

Logix Solution

Based on the recommendation of Cascade Energy Engineering, which the Albany plant hired to identify refrigeration energy efficiency opportunities, the Albany facility deployed a multi-faceted Logix system in the spring of 2009.

Business Value Delivered

Energy consumption at the Albany facility dropped significantly after installation of the Logix system — enough that National was able to qualify for electrical utility subsidies and state energy tax credits that paid a portion of the system’s cost. The Albany plant has also benefited from the Logix system’s trend analysis features, its ability to store and change groups of equipment settings optimized for their seasonal variations, and a range of other operational and labor-reduction capabilities.