Case Study: Henningsen Cold Storage

Henningsen Cold Storage Company reports a significant energy reduction with their customized Logix control solution.

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More than two decades ago, Henningsen Cold Storage Company embarked on a focused energy-reduction effort at its multiple U.S. refrigeration facilities. The company determined it needed an advanced control system to accomplish their energy reduction goals.


To address the challenge, Logix crafted and installed custom solutions for two Hennigsen cold storage facilites. Based on the success of these initial installations, Hennigsen adopted Logix technology for all new facilities.

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Within a year of the Logix installations, Hennigsen realized a 40% reduction in energy usage at the two Logix-equipped facilities. With 80% of its cold storage facilities now controlled with Logix solutions, the company reports an average energy savings of 32% attributable to Logix features.


Average energy savings across Henningsen’s facilities after implementing Logix solutions

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“The energy-saving, cost-reducing benefits of the Logix system are only enhanced by the excellent customer support that Logix provides, and the user-friendly convenience of their control systems.”

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