Case Study: Chateau Ste. Michelle

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates embraces automated refrigeration controls.

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The winemakers of Chateau Ste. Michelle required an automated temperature control system that would improve efficiency and flexibility by monitoring and adjusting the temperature of wine throughout the entire fermentation process.


Logix installed a system that precisely controls tank temperatures, optimizes refrigeration machinery room operations, and reduces energy consumption. The solution was capable of monitoring fermentation activity and automatically changing setpoints based on fermentation rates. Requested safeguards to prevent overshooting tank cooling and icing during cold stabilization were implemented.

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Within months of using the Logix system, Chateau Ste. Michelle staff reported enhanced operational efficiency, improved record keeping, and increased cost savings. The solution also reduced compressor horsepower requirements by 50%, yielding substantial energy savings.


frequent reduction of compressor horsepower requirements by

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“As we have grown and changed focus and personnel, Logix has been there the entire time, monitoring our wines and safety in our Ste. Michelle facilities.”

Bob Berteau

Head Winemaker

Chateau Ste. Michelle

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