Ndustrial Announces Integration Partnership with M&M Carnot / Logix

Enables Cloud-Based Refrigeration Control Data to Lower Operating Costs, Increase Energy Efficiency, and Reduce Carbon Intensity Across the Cold Chain & Food Supply Chain

Raleigh, N.C., October 04, 2022 – Ndustrial, the only production-first Energy Intensity company, and M&M Carnot / Logix, the leaders in high-efficiency industrial refrigeration systems, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver advanced refrigeration products and processes to continuously improve operations and boost margins across cold storage warehouses and food processing facilities.

The integration leverages Ndustrial’s proprietary software interface and establishes a direct data feed with M&M Carnot Control System (PC Monitor Enterprise), Logix Refrigeration Control Systems (RCS), and associated data. The new IoT-enabled service automates the collection and transfer of energy data and provides customers real-time energy data that is necessary to improve facility performance and reduce energy cost and intensity.

“Refrigeration is an energy-intensive process that accounts for 15% of worldwide electricity production,” said Dave Sholtis, CEO of M&M Carnot / Logix. “Our customers are at the forefront of every decision we make, and we are committed to helping them meet their sustainability and energy management goals. Our partnership with Ndustrial exemplifies how the right technology partner can add immediate value to our customers and support their ESG initiatives.”

The new partnership lets food processing facilities and cold storage warehouses:

  • View all refrigeration controls in one common interface
  • Remotely optimize energy costs at each facility
  • Improve blast freezing cycle times and utilization rates
  • Shed electric load automatically – eliminating the need for manual intervention

“Our new partnership with M&M Carnot / Logix not only provides our customers the energy data they need to properly manage operations, but it also opens the door to new innovations and processes,” said Jason Massey, Co-Founder and CEO at Ndustrial. “Managing energy well has become table stakes for industrial facilities, and we provide the data required to track Carbon Intensity metrics – metrics that identify more energy-efficient processes.” 

About Ndustrial

Ndustrial delivers the industry’s only production-first Energy Intensity platform – enabling companies to minimize energy spend and achieve the highest production efficiency possible. Together with our IoT and Energy Service offerings, we provide a holistic view across all facilities and deliver new levels of insight to optimize and transform operations for a sustained competitive edge. To learn more, visit

About M&M Carnot
M&M Carnot, owned by Source Capital LLC, is a pioneer and manufacturer of natural refrigerant-based [ammonia and carbon dioxide] products, packages, systems, and sustainable controller solutions. Their commercial and industrial refrigeration applications include refrigerated warehouses, food processing, wineries, dairies, arenas, pharma, data centers, and supermarkets. M&M Carnot headquarters is in Annapolis, MD; manufacturing locations are in Maryland, Florida, and Quebec. Logix®, recently acquired by M&M Carnot with offices in Washington, has served the industrial refrigeration market with innovative control solutions for wineries, cold storage warehouses, distribution centers, and processing plants.

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