Introducing the Axiom™III micro-processor

Logix Controls is excited to announce the release of the new major product upgrade, the Axiom™III micro-processor for the already robust RCS Industrial Refrigeration Control System. To meet the industry’s demand for a more capable controller, Axiom™III will now be delivered with all new orders for RCS panels and will also be provided for expansions and/or retrofits of already existing RCS panel installations. Here is what you need to know…

New Features:

  • 70% more I/O capability than the previous Axiom™ II platform produces the most cost-effective solution 
  • Much more flexibility with modern connectivity capability to integrate with local utilities/smart grid, plant PLC’s, clouds, & building management systems
  • More sustainable solution utilizes modern components that are widely available today to create the most robust supply chain 
  • Built-in physical network isolation drastically increases uptime and simplifies IT overhead

What Stays the Same From Axiom™II: 

  • Limitless capability to communicate and/or control all equipment within the industrial refrigeration system
  • Utilizes same proven intuitive Axiom™ II Software, Rev 14, that provides users with the most energy efficient refrigeration strategies and most up to date safety requirements per latest industry standards
  • Robust included tools within Clarity PC Software utilized for trending, troubleshooting, and energy management
  • Latest software updates delivered remotely via available communication
  • Open Linux operating system to avoid processor vendor dependence
  • New panels use the same manageable 30”w x 36”W enclosure size as Axiom™II

About Logix 

Logix® Controls has served the Industrial Refrigeration market for over 30 years, developing and delivering the most capable refrigeration controls to its customers and users. By building safety, efficiency, and sustainability into every industrial refrigeration system controller solution we provide, Logix® helps you maintain the highest quality product while ensuring the lowest carbon footprint possible. 

The Logix® Refrigeration Control System (RCS) is delivered with the robust Axiom™III processor and intuitive Clarity Software to provide the most holistic approach to effectively manage any industrial refrigeration system, utilizing Ammonia (NH3) or Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Logix® controllers provides users with capability to not only communicate with every piece of equipment within the refrigeration system, but also allows for users to communicate with other equipment within the facility along with providing a means to integrate with cloud-based technologies for AI and IoT needs.

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