Discovery and Proposal

Identify the Mission: Equipment, Deliverables, System Functions

Understanding and streamlining complex, high-functioning production and warehouse operations requires attention to a host of separate and often conflicting issues. It is not by accident that we focus so much on the details: fleshing them out is crucial to avoiding costly mistakes.

Identify the equipment, critical priorities and facts that drive your control system mission

Clearly define system functions, features and product deliverables.

The Discovery and Proposal Stage
In the discovery and proposal stage (three to five days), we establish a clear project mission:

  • Identify the equipment
  • Determine critical priorities
  • Uncover facts that drive your mission

Proposal Development Stage

Logix strives to engage you in proposal development to ensure we fully grasp the intricacies of your operations.

  • Clearly define system functions and features
  • Identify sub-contractors, establish an agreement about their roles
  • Determine deliverables
  • Prepare a proposal clearly documenting optimal opportunities