Logix® is the leading producer of refrigeration energy management control systems for one simple reason: we’re committed to being the best in the industry and have been since our founding. A key part of meeting that commitment is understanding that businesses choose a control system with the best record of maximizing plant efficiency, safety, and energy savings. We also understand that our clients want to avoid hidden costs often associated with learning and managing a new technology.

From its start in 1990, Logix focused on the energy management promise of microprocessor-based industrial refrigeration controls. Founders Jim Conant and Mike Ghan lead a talented team of engineering and service professionals whose combined experience totals more than 100 years in the refrigeration and controls industries. Today, Logix designs and implements outstanding energy management control systems for U.S. and world-wide clients alike.

When a company chooses Logix, it receives the benefit of a uniquely qualified team of professionals. We combine extensive knowledge of control theory and its practical application with first-hand understanding of the inner workings of large food and beverage processing and cold storage and distribution operations. As a result, we deliver impressive results for our clients time and again. Our systems typically reduce refrigeration energy consumption by 25% or more by streamlining compressor operations, stabilizing system performance, and placing plant management in a position of complete operation control with simple keystrokes. Clients return to us year after year with new projects to save energy and maximize plant efficiency. They know who gets the job done.

Our deep industry involvement allows us to identify changes that affect our clients’ needs and push the envelope in developing new, innovative solutions to address them. We will continue to play an important role in establishing the leading standard of future refrigeration control technology.