Documentation development

Create documentation listing all points monitored and controlled, materials and services supplied, and a specification for control strategies. Your involvement and approval are required in this process.

Introducing you to your Project Engineer

In the planning stage we introduce you to your project engineer. This stage entails:

  • Agreement on system specifications
  • Strategy articulation
  • Design of the internal knowledge management system (trend log database reporting and analysis tools)

This stage can take from one to two weeks, depending on variables such as subcontractor input, requests for additional equipment functionality, and response times between your lead engineer’s and our project engineer’s inquiries.

We collaborate with you to create a detailed specification for control strategies, listing all points monitored and controlled as well as all materials and services supplied – no omissions or hidden extras. You’ll receive detailed insights that allow you to make decisions with confidence, and only when you sign off on the specification will manufacturing begin. The result is a control solution tailored for your company.