Implementation and Installation

Contractor coordination, software development, manufacturing

Subcontractor coordination is a big factor during the Implementation and Installation stage (three to four weeks in duration) – both in giving them design specifications of the system components (sensors, field wiring and cabling, control and monitoring points, etc.) and in supporting their installation work.


Generate electrical drawings, a coordinated effort by our project engineer and your installation contractor.


Commence system manufacturing and software development.


Make sure the system is ready on Day One

Critical Tasks that are Completed at this Stage

  • Generate electrical drawings
  • Coordinate with installation contractor
  • Commence system manufacture
  • Complete software before startup
  • Make sure system is fully ready on Day One!

We schedule the software programming to be complete before the startup date and ready for installation and commissioning when all onsite electrical and refrigeration equipment is installed and connected to the Logix RCS. Our interactions with you continue as we resolve last-minute questions and details, and refine solutions during all phases that lead to installation completion. This stage ends when the hardware and software have been installed and are ready for testing.