Coordination, Verification, Training, Implementation

This phase typically takes four or five days. Before we leave your plant, your operators will know how to run the system and how to maintain and troubleshoot the equipment. We teach your staff how to establish formats for system-generated standard reports and how to conduct special analyses and research projects with the system, including database and specialized report generation. Training courses for new operators are also available at the Logix campus.


Coordinate with all parties on commissioning schedule.


Verify system installation and functional operation.


Train staff on equipment control and knowledge management tools.


Implement final startup testing before going live.

Commissioning Stage Checklist

  • Review the subcontractors’ onsite work to ensure everything is operating as specified before attempting start-up
  • Implement system startup testing – verification that all systems are operating at full functionality (performed by a Logix startup engineer skilled in mechanical and electrical systems)
  • Complete operator and maintenance staff training, plus knowledge management setup and training

We carefully pre-test your system before going online, and we only throw the switch when everybody is on-board. This stage ends when the system is up and running and performing all specified objectives. We have the smoothest controls startup in the industry because a Logix control system is ready on day one to achieve all intended objectives. When we throw the switch, your system is ready to start delivering instant benefits.