“It's absolutely been a positive experience, and we've enthusiastically provided references for Logix many times. They have never given us a reason to shift to anybody else.”

Randy Edmiston
Facilities Director
Sysco Portland, Inc.

Sysco Portland

Customer Need

Sysco Portland, one of many food storage and distribution centers in the Sysco Corp. network, has long been committed to an “earth friendly” approach that emphasizes sustainability and minimal environmental impact. A key part of that commitment has been an effort to continuously reduce its energy consumption, even as its overall facility has gone through major expansions over the years.

Logix Solution

In 1995, Sysco Portland installed a Logix refrigeration control system to manage all of its cold storage rooms and equipment. As the distribution center expanded its cold storage capacity in 1997 and again in 2008, it also expanded and upgraded its Logix control network.

Business Value Delivered

The Logix control system has been a central player helping Sysco Portland to reduce its energy consumption by 3.6 million kWh since 1995, even as it added 98,000 square feet of cold storage space. The Portland facility has consistently ranked among the most energy efficient among more than 100 Sysco distribution centers in the U.S. and Canada. Furthermore, the Logix system’s ability to provide operators with instant visibility into plant operations, long-term trend data for analysis, and precise control of refrigeration equipment has greatly simplified refrigeration management and helped Sysco Portland meet its objective of continually reducing its energy usage.