“Logix has a deep knowledge of all the intracacies of a good refrigeration system in different environments. They're more than just controls experts - they have good refrigeration management knowledge."

Alan Burrows
Corporate Engineer


Customer Need

Nationally recognized food and drug retailer Safeway, Inc., owns and operates numerous food processing plants and cold storage distribution centers to support thousands of stores in the U.S. and Canada. The company’s long-standing desire to make its facilities as energy efficient as possible was strengthened in 2006 when Safeway launched an ambitious Greenhouse Gas and Sustainability Initiative.

Logix Solution

Safeway first contracted with Logix for a refrigeration controls system in one of its distribution centers in 1993. Logix systems now control the refrigeration operations in four of the company’s regional distribution centers, and in two of its dairy processing plants.

Business Value Delivered

Safeway has benefited from electrical utilities’ incentive programs to help expand deployment of Logix-based solutions. In just one of the Safeway distribution centers, the Logix system has reduced energy consumption by 4.2 million kilowatt hours per year, a reduction of 35%. Other Logix-equipped facilities are seeing comparable results.