Vanguard Variable Frequency Drives

The Vanguard VFD offers many benefits and features, including stand-alone automation control, scalable to meet any application, plus a building automation control option.

When you need turn-key power

The Logix® Vanguard variable speed control panel for industrial refrigeration applications integrates seamlessly with Logix® Axiom™ control systems.

“The Vanguard VFD is great for use in systems with unstable utility power and long leads from service transformer to VFD.”

Justin Wyatt, Owner
Wyatt Refrigeration

Standard Features
Logix Vanguard VFD

• HOA switches
• 3-Contactor bypass for VFD servicing
• UL Type 1 and 3R enclosures
• Custom configured ventilation or A/C
• Backlit 32-character keypad for easy navigation
• Space vector control for efficiency, long motor life
• Advanced PID control (pre-PID and dual PID)
• Multi-motor control function
• Automatic energy savings mode
• Flying start protection
• Standard MMS disconnect, HOA & VFD/OFF/BYPASS switch
• Built-in modbus RTU communication

The Vanguard panel includes

• 7.5 to 400 HP, 480VAC, 3Φ
• Standard or custom configurations
• Quick delivery
• 5-Year warranty
• FastApp™ startup makes commissioning quick


• Input line reactors
• Output reactors and filters
• Panel space heater for low temperature or outdoor applications
• Spray pump starters
• Basin heater controls
• Vibration cut-out

Vanguard Product Sheet