Compressor Control System

Rugged and reliable, powerful and uncomplicated

The Logix Screw Compressor Control System (CCS) is an industrial-grade controller featuring Pro-Stat® color graphics status screen, online Help and documentation, powerful ramp start and capacity control options and much more.
Industrial-grade controller

Off-the-shelf setup offers users field configurability. Instantly adapts to the compressor control requirements of all major manufacturers.
Optionally supports VFD motors and modulated liquid injection valves.
Integrates into any control system using Open Communications Protocol.
Uses the proven Logix Axiom processor with an open-source Linux operating system that circumvents vendor obsolescence.

“Logix compressor control system (CCS) panels are among the best when considering retrofitting any screw compressor package. The Logix CCS has become a “go to” product for many of our clients. Its no-nonsense interface, reliable hardware, ease of installation and competitive price point make it a top choice – not to mention great support direct from people who are knowledgeable about the product and the process.”

Kenny Ragan, Owner
ColdFlow Mechanical, Inc.

Straightforward user setup in the field, easily adapts to most compressor designs

The Logix Compressor Control System (CCS) is a field proven replacement microprocessor from the industry’s only independent producer of compressor controllers. The Logix CCS controls all major compressor manufacturers’ equipment. Through its open communications protocol, the Logix CCS can be integrated with any control system. In production and supported since 1992, our CCS units are upgradeable and don’t require complete panel replacement.

Pro-Stat® real-time graphics, color plotting, simple shortcuts

Continuously updated with the most important operating information in real time, the Logix CCS automatically returns to the Real-Time Graphics screen after ten minutes of inactivity.

The generous Pro-Stat® screen combines at-a-glance, real-time status, color plotting and intuitive shortcuts.

Additional Logix CCS Program Features

• Field Configuration – Easily change control set up to match your compressor
• Sensor Span Adjustment – Allows the use of any third-party sensor
• Plot Trend Data – Plot any sensor data, including slide valve % and motor amps
• Control, Alarm and Failure Setpoints – All setpoints user-defined (with factory-set limits)
• Multiple Setpoint Control – Up to four with daily and weekly setpoint scheduler
• Ramp Limited Starting and Unloading – Allows gradual start-up and prevents overloading
• Operating Modes – Manual, automatic (local and remote), and auto sequence
• Operating Logs – Logs all compressor data for the prior 48 hours of operation
• Alarm and Failure Logs – Displays the prior 100 events with date, time and description
• Password Restricted Access – Assigns up to eight authority levels and logs user access

Items Supplied with Each Logix CCS

1 – Microprocessor panel in a water-resistant rated enclosure, with a color touch screen display and door mounted E-Stop switch

1 – Standard Screw Compressor Control Software

4 – Pressure Sensors (Discharge, Suction, Oil, Oil Differential) *

4 – Temperature Sensors (Discharge, Suction, Oil, Oil Separator)

1 – Current Transmitter (Motor Amperage signal processing – Motor Current Transformer supplied by others)

*Slide valve potentiometer with 4-20 ma or 1-10 volt dc signal, plus mounting bracket for panel and sensor fittings are supplied by others

Compressor Control System Product Sheet