Stand-alone Refrigeration Equipment Controllers

Make the right control moves at the right time with Agility.
Refrigeration requirements evolve

Choose the controller that addresses today’s demands and tomorrow’s changes.

“When bidding projects, easily calculate your controls costs from a price list alone.”

Justin Wyatt, Owner
Wyatt Refrigeration

“Stay within construction budgets while positioning your facilities for future management and control needs.”

Pete Lepschat
Henningsen Cold Storage

Controllers Include




• Features that meet current operating/efficiency standards out of the box.
• Scale-able from single equipment item to large distributed control system.
• Cost-effective solutions for modernizing existing facilities.

Stand-alone Equipment-specific Design

Agility’s stand-alone, equipment-specific controllers are ready “out of the box.” They are field configurable from any wireless Wi-Fi or Ethernet connected web-browser device, such as a smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Scale-able from a single unit to a large distributed control system, Agility network features support entire refrigeration system monitoring and control from a central computer, SCADA or PLC platform.

Optional Master Controller provides plant-wide equipment coordination for enhanced energy efficiency and demand management.