Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Cohesive Solutions

Risk is unavoidable, but it can be managed. We're here to shoulder the burden with a wealth of refrigeration knowledge, leading to proactive capability to mitigate that risk. Logix builds in safety features that can be incorporated into your regulatory compliance initiatives. Then we go further by automating critical processes to mitigate exposure and ensure safe operations. The turn-key solutions from our refrigeration experts are designed to simplify your job and ease your mind.
A partner with controls expertise

You need a partner with controls expertise who understands refrigeration, electronic hardware, computer software, and regulatory requirements. Logix® has battle-proven solutions for companies facing rising energy costs and emerging regulatory and environmental mandates.

“Logix has always provided superb support, and our production team has a trusted, go-to resource for answers that keep our 120,000 lb. ammonia plant in motion. The value of a Logix RCS goes far beyond the initial purchase: Logix is a key partner in our success.

Jim Dawson, Chief Power Engineer

Integrated Gas Detection

Leveraging our thorough understanding of IIAR-2 ammonia requirements, we’ve integrated comprehensive gas detection and response into our controls.  Going above and beyond simple detection, we provide leak mitigation by automating the leak response process to pull refrigerant from all affected areas.  Automated responses can be customized to meet needs unique to your facility, your process, and even your local regulatory jurisdiction.

Operational Management

How a control system is deployed and operated can be just as important as its inherent capabilities.  Managing a team of refrigeration operators can be a challenge when you don’t know who is doing what and when.  Logix Password and Activity Audit systems record all parameter changes, keeping qualified personnel on task.  You can only manage what you know.

Safety Interlocks

Don’t get put in a bad position.  Our built-in restrictions prevent imprudent or inadvertent actions.

• Automated power failure recovery replaces manual guesswork with organized ramp-up.
• Evaporator equalization confirmation prior to liquid feed
• Parameter entry constraints avoid “fat finger” keyboard mistakes
• Emergency stop relay removes power from manual output ON overrides