Axiom – Industrial Grade Controller

Open Architecture Control System Design

The Logix Control System features a Linux-based, industrial-grade controller specifically designed for demanding real-time process control applications. The Logix Axiom™ distributed processing architecture ensures system reliability, affords lower installation costs, and accommodates future additions easily. Off-the-shelf component construction means you're assured of replacement parts’ availability from multiple vendors. Functionality, reliability, cost-effectiveness and long service life make Logix the logical choice.
Flexible, modular design

The Logix® Control System is configurable to address your plant’s specific control challenges.

“We didn’t know how the Logix controls would handle our power sources and hold up to the rough marine environment… Logix virtually eliminated unplanned downtime.”

Dave Ross
Trident Seafoods

Modular Approach Makes Change Simple

The Logix Control System is based on a modular approach, making change simple and logical. As your plant grows larger, simply add Logix control modules to meet your increased control needs. An added module could be in the form of another control panel, or additional processing capacity in an existing Logix control panel. The modules integrate easily and seamlessly into your control configuration. The Logix Control System is available in configurations to address your plant’s specific control challenges, ranging from controlling single equipment items (for example, screw compressors, condensers, evaporators) to facility-wide integrated control.

Standard Features

Widely available, field-tested, industry-proven hardware: The Logix Control Panel hardware has been field-tested in harsh, electrically “noisy” environments to ensure reliability in the most adverse industrial conditions. Our universal Linux-based platform is open-source, eliminating risk of microprocessor obsolescence. Logix Control Panels include NEMA-4 cabinets suitable for wash-down environments, and are UL listed for safety and code compliance.

Control Panel Specifications

Connectivity Technology:

• Two Isolated Ethernet Ports: one dedicated to refrigeration equipment, the other for remote access and broad connectivity
• Support for up to 20 concurrent HMI users handles the most demanding requirements
• Flexible multi-user alarm e-mailing system delivers critical information to the right personnel

• HTML web-server provides comprehensive status at a glance
• Native Allen-Bradley Ethernet/IP protocol easily integrates PLC control systems and VFDs
• Up to six high-speed optically-isolated communications ports for multi-point, error-corrected data transfer to multiple third-party equipment microprocessors


• “Watch Dog” timer and power monitor detects power loss and control panel malfunctions and forces outputs into a safe condition
• “Self Test” software routines periodically check panel integrity and take corrective measures

Memory Configuration:

• Up to 1.5 megabytes of ten-year, battery-backed configuration, storage and data memory
• Up to 4 megabytes of permanent program and fixed data memory

Digital Inputs and Outputs:

• Up to 64 digital inputs or outputs in any combination
• Each input-output is individually fused, optically isolated and phase independent
• Status LED indicator shows individual input/output module’s on/off state
• Wide range of AC and DC voltage modules available to meet any system requirements
• Field serviceable modules

Analog Inputs:

• Up to 64 industrially-hardened fault tolerant analog inputs
• Wide variety of input voltage and current ranges
• 12-bit (0.025%) high input accuracy
• Fast conversion rate; each channel sampled at least ten times per second
• Digital filtering of unwanted electrical noise and interference

Analog Outputs:

• Up to 48 industrially-hardened analog outputs
• Isolated 4-20 mA or 0-10 volt output range meet a wide range of control requirements
• 0.025% high output accuracy insures precise control