Logix recognized by CIOReview magazine

CIOReview's Enterprise Energy Management Special Report overview:

As an innovator in Refrigeration Energy Management, Logix was selected by CIOReview’s distinguished panel comprised of eminent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with CIOReview’s editorial board. The panel assessed several Enterprise Energy Management solution providers and shortlisted the best in the field. Other notables included are: 3M, EnerNOC, ExxonMobil, Grid4C, Honeywell International, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Rockwell Automation, Caldwell Energy Company, and SAP.

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With Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) solutions, enterprises can implement effective strategies to optimize their energy use and realize the benefits of energy management by implementing the appropriate solutions to save costs and increase efficiency of the business.

EEM is enabling organizations to execute the energy management strategies by providing them with energy information, utility management, and analytical tools. It is also helping businesses to monitor, measure, schedule and control electrical building loads and electrical systems by identifying and eliminating unnecessary energy use and its associated cost. Organizations can easily track the use of resources, save costs, minimize the energy consumption, and enhance transparency by real-time performance monitoring. With EEM, organizations are becoming more sustainable by reducing the carbon footprint and utilizing energy efficiently.

The adoption of EEM is creating a transformational change in how energy is procured and managed by not only sustaining costs and saving energy but also improving compliance with regulations. Organizations are able to respond to government regulations, while supporting the community in minimizing environmental impacts.