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What We Do: TC-2000 Wine Tank Controller

What We Do

TC-2000 Wine Tank Controller

Winery automation grows with your business, so start with the right foundation. Choose Logix® TC-2000 tank thermostats. With Logix, you get an experienced controls manufacturer committed to the wine industry.

With the Logix TC-2000, you have a solid, flexible start for expanding automation later. If and when you’re ready to expand your TC-2000s to something larger, we can customize a full-scale control system that results in cost efficiencies and improved productivity for your entire facility.

The TC-2000 is available for a very low price… because we don’t charge you for anything you’re not ready to use. We let you decide when to purchase optional features such as internet access, database integration and many more. It’s Okay to start small and upgrade your TC-2000s later.

The TC-2000 comes with:

  • UL Listed Type 4 Washdown Enclosure
  • ETL Listed for Industrial Control
  • Two Relay Outputs with Independent Heating-Cooling
  • High/Low Temperature Alarming
  • Brix Field Entry
  • Dual Temp Probe Option
  • Pump-over Control/Notification
  • Keypad Lockout
  • Designed for Low Light Conditions

With expandable features:

  • Internet and Modem Access
  • Remote Alarm Notification
  • Trend Reports and Plots
  • Microsoft Excel Interface
  • Computer Network Access
  • Database Integration
  • Energy Management
  • Refrigeration Equipment Control
  • CO2 Monitoring and Control
  • Fresh/Night Air Exchange
  • Humidity and Barrel Room Control
  • Waste Water Monitoring

TC-2000 Product Sheet (pdf)