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What We Do: IntelliFrost System

What We Do

IntelliFrost - A truly accurate frost detection system that saves up to 80% on defrost energy costs

The Logix® IntelliFrost™ system allows defrosting of evaporator air units only when necessary, eliminating needless and expensive defrost cycles. IntelliFrost directly measures frost accumulation on an air unit’s fins, and initiates a defrost sequence only when the frost level reaches a user-adjustable maximum.

Before IntelliFrost, defrost cycles were traditionally initiated by either a mechanical clock scheduler (e.g., every six hours), or an accumulated refrigerant feed time counter. Neither method measures the presence of frost before making the defrost initiation decision.

Most facilities configure their traditional defrost settings for peak frosting conditions, even though peak frost loads typically occur only a few months of the year. This results in costly and unnecessary defrost cycles and highlights the importance of using frost level information in a defrost initiation decision.

Why guess when to defrost?

IntelliFrost™ system uses real-time data about frost presence, reducing defrost cycles and related energy costs 15% to 80%.

And you keep the savings!

Why IntelliFrost?

Over the course of a year an air unit’s required defrost frequency is anything but consistent. In fact, defrost requirements can vary by a factor of ten or more throughout a 12 month period. This wide range is due in large part to the fact that, 1: the rate frost accumulates on an air unit’s fins relates directly to the amount of moisture in the air surrounding it, and 2: the ambient air moisture levels are constantly changing in a refrigerated area due to variation in seasonal humidity, product moisture content, and plant activity.

Traditional clock and refrigerant-feed runtime systems are inaccurate and costly; instead of measuring frost level, they guess when to defrost in an always changing environment of frost accumulation.

The IntelliFrost automatically detects the proper time to initiate a defrost sequence on an air unit. Frost detection is performed by measuring frost accumulated between two fins of an air unit. The IntelliFrost system measures frost accumulation directly—expressed as a percentage of full frost in the range of 0-100%—and initiates a defrost sequence when the frost accumulated reaches the maximum level that each customer defines.

Intelligent frost measurement with the Logix IntelliFrost provides a proven opportunity for your facility to conserve energy by eliminating unnecessary defrost cycles. That accuracy means huge savings on energy costs, month after month!

Time compressed video of an IntelliFrost controlled defrost

IntelliFrost Product Sheet (pdf)