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What We Do: Logix control systems are highly functional and easy to use.

What We Do

Clarity Management & Graphical User Interface Software

Your window on refrigeration couldn’t be wider or clearer. Logix® Clarity’s unmatched management features allow operators to quickly identify and correct problems or trends that can cost owners lost product and high energy bills. No other refrigeration management software is easier to use or more capable.

Real-time Animated Refrigeration Graphics

Understanding how your refrigeration works is instantaneous with Clarity's clear and concise representation of refrigeration and other equipment under Logix control. Realistic and functional graphics represent current operating conditions of compressors, evaporators and other equipment with animated movement, color-coded on/off status and read-outs of sensor points.

Computer Networking and Remote Internet/Modem Access

Utilizing standard computer networks, companies can have full access to Logix Clarity's features from any connected PC installed with Logix Clarity Client software. Clarity provides an option to email alarm messages to multiple recipients, and supports secure remote access via the internet or modem connection.

Automatic Alarm and Failure Remote Notification

Clarity's notification features alert personnel of any system alarm or equipment failure through the use of text and voice messaging to pager, cell and land phones. The notification features also let staff acknowledge notices via touch-tone keypad, and record the event and the acknowledgment in an alarm and failure history.

Trend Logging and Reporting

Clarity records, stores and retrieves all system conditions in user-defined time intervals year after year. Temperatures, pressures, amperage, control modes, operating settings and other items are available for reporting and analysis.

The Logix Clarity Report and Plotting Designer allows you to organize and output the information important to your needs in multiple formats, including:

  • Tabular reports and color plots to printer
  • Reports export to Excel, web, or database
  • Reports automatically printed or sent via email

Logix Clarity software performs system-wide data logging that is open to the use of other control, monitoring and database programs. Clarity also provides robust data reporting and analysis tools that improve understanding of the refrigeration system and its efficient operation. These capabilities allow managers to constantly detect problems or trends which need correcting, and then test the efficacy of different operational scenarios. This continuous improvement enables owners to realize ongoing cost and quality improvements beyond the immediate savings provided by the Logix Refrigeration Energy Management System.
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Diagnostic Tools

Trouble-shooting refrigeration equipment or controls has never been easier than it is with Logix Clarity. Whether you're using real-time plotting to diagnose troublesome equipment behavior, or viewing control system status screens for communication or control point activity, identifying and correcting problems and trends are within a few keystrokes.

Password Protection

Clarity's password protection restricts access with a system of multiple authority levels, and records history of user access for future reference.

3rd Party System Integration

Clarity control parameters, operating status and trend logs are accessible from other database, control and supervisory systems such as PLC and SCADA hardware by utilizing industry standard communications. This allows integration of the refrigeration control as a subset of a plant's overall control system.

Equipment Maintenance Manager

Clarity takes the guesswork out of maintenance by organizing pending maintenance tasks based on either equipment runtime or periodic time intervals, and includes pending task reports showing all upcoming maintenance work. The Equipment Maintenance Manager creates work orders with description and check list, maintenance date, parts needed and personnel assigned to the task. In addition, the Manager features a maintenance history log for recording all maintenance activity (useful for Process Safety Management compliance).

Instant on-screen Operations Manual and Documentation

Available from anywhere in Clarity, get instant on-screen "How to Use" information on your current work activity. Clarity's Help function provides a powerful search engine and thorough index with quick links to help you easily find the information you need. Plus, all your specific control system wiring and sensor documents are available for viewing and printing to any connected printer or plotter.

Remote Access via Internet or Modem Connection