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Logix has the broad energy management experience to minimize one of the few costs you can actually reduce — your energy bill.

Energy Management

Utility Cost Management

Plant-wide System Efficiencies

  • Coordinated Refrigeration System Control
  • Load Shifting
  • Load Shedding / Demand Limiting
  • Real-time Pricing Response
  • Interruptible Service Support (Automated Shutdown)
  • Systematic Equipment Restart Procedure
  • Lighting, HVAC, Battery Charger & other Load Management

Lowering your refrigeration energy costs is not always a straight-forward proposition. Sure, you want to achieve a desired refrigeration effect for the least cost — but that often involves more than just maximizing energy efficiency at the individual equipment item level. Everything from plant-wide energy conservation opportunities to company operational goals to utility power management objectives must be considered in designing a control system.

Logix has the broad energy management experience and successful track record you can trust to minimize one of the few costs you can actually reduce — your energy bill.

Since its inception in 1990, Logix has pioneered award-winning, energy-saving control systems for refrigeration equipment. Today, Logix delivers even greater energy savings by delivering comprehensive plant-wide equipment control that coordinates operation of the entire refrigeration system for maximum efficiency.

Coordinated Refrigeration System Control

  • Intelligently coordinates operation of all refrigeration system components, greatly minimizing the power spikes associated with the random and volatile nature of independent equipment control
  • Stabilizes evaporator, compressor and condenser loads, resulting in lower energy costs for the same or better refrigeration performance

Load Shifting

  • Reduces energy use during high-cost, peak-power billing periods by operating equipment at lower energy use settings (raising allowable temperatures and pressures) and limiting equipment operation as determined by plant personnel
  • Automatically lowers temperatures prior to the peak cost periods to achieve a thermal "flywheel" effect that maintains refrigerated products within desired temperature ranges

Load Shifting

Load Shedding / Demand Limiting

  • Manages equipment operation to limit power consumption to a pre-set kW level without negative impact to cooling objectives
  • Automates shedding (shut-down) of eligible equipment according to a user-defined equipment priority list, flattens power spikes, improves power factor and contains energy usage

Demand Limiting

Real-time pricing

  • Monitors current utility power costs via internet or other link
  • Permits owners to choose various equipment operating scenarios, from all-on to all-off and anything in between, for a range of kWh price levels

Interruptible Service Support / Automated Plant Shutdown

  • Turns off equipment in a safe, orderly and timely manner with minimal or no labor cost for plants that must go off utility power after short notice
  • Minimizes labor and potential utility penalty expenses associated with shutdown response and avoids power demand spikes with equipment restart (see “Restart” item below)

Plant Shutdown

Systematic Equipment Restart Procedure

  • Provides for the smooth, gradual starting of plant equipment after a power failure or shutdown occurs
  • Contains electrical demand charges that result from turning on numerous motors in a refrigeration system start up

Lighting, HVAC, Battery Charger & other Load Management

  • Manages the shedding, limiting, shifting, shutdown and restart of other facility electrical loads (in conjunction with refrigeration equipment) to maximize benefit of the plant-wide system energy management tools Logix provides