“Hands down, Logix is a far superior system than the competition... Customer service is excellent — Logix is always right on it.”

Chris Conlan
Chief Engineer
Rainier Cold Storage

Rainer Cold Storage

Customer Need

In the spring of 2006 Rainier Cold Storage of Seattle, Washington, launched an ambitious energy efficiency campaign including upgrades to their mechanical system and the addition of variable frequency drives. The company’s primary goal was to reduce the facility’s energy consumption and its monthly energy costs, which averaged $15,000 at the time. They recognized they needed an advanced control system to maximize their ROI, and chose Logix as their controls system vendor to reduce energy consumption.

Logix Solution

Using an integrated control system approach, Logix provided Rainier Cold Storage with a comprehensive solution to maximize the benefits of Rainier’s new refrigeration equipment while integrating it with their existing equipment. The system was commissioned in February 2007.

Business Value Delivered

After the commissioning of its Logix system, Rainier Cold Storage saw an immediate drop in its energy consumption. Rainier’s facility had been consuming over 260,000 kWh on average each month. In the months and years following its installation, the Logix system helped to reduce the facility’s energy consumption and costs by well over 60%. In January 2009, Rainier’s facility used only 76,560 kWh, and its monthly bill was less than $3,500.