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Logix industrial refrigeration control systems cost-effectively reduce energy costs customers' power costs by up to 32% annually.

Reduce Energy Costs

Managing energy costs is vitally important in today’s tough economic environment, and no one is forecasting prices to decline in the future. Logix has been producing energy-saving refrigeration controls since its inception. Our systems cost-effectively reduce our customers’ power costs and have generated returns that are often better than competing investment opportunities.

Inevitably, each customer comes to Logix with different refrigeration configurations, equipment, needs and objectives, but all share the common requirement of reducing their energy consumption and cutting their utility costs. No company is better able to help industrial refrigeration customers achieve these goals.

Here’s what one customer reports:

In the mid-1990s, Henningsen Cold Storage determined that it needed an advanced control system to reduce its facilities’ escalating energy consumption, according to Pete Lepschat, Henningsen’s assistant engineering manager. In 1995, Logix did its first work for Henningsen, installing control systems in two facilities, one brand new and one already operational but in need of an upgrade.

In the following year, Henningsen Cold Storage saw more than a 40% reduction in energy usage in the two facilities equipped with Logix control systems. Based on this tremendous success, Henningsen went on to install Logix systems at seven of its 10 cold storage facilities. Thirteen years after Henningsen’s first control systems were installed, the company continues to enjoy the energy-conserving benefits of the Logix system, saving up to 32% annually on power costs. An independent survey of more than 20 cold storage companies showed that the Logix-controlled Henningsen plants were among the most energy efficient measured.

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