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Logix Control Panel in Engine Room

How We Do It

Our Advantage

Logix® designs and implements refrigeration energy management strategies to lower utility bills, improve output and enhance the competitive position of its clients. A cold storage or food/ beverage processor can easily find a vendor that meets 80 percent of their control requirements. But itrsquo;'s addressing the customer’s remaining requirements that make the difference between a successful installation and one that never fully satisfies. Unlike our competition, we’re able to build custom-tailored solutions that meet customer-specific requirements for energy management, operational flexibility, open data exchange, third-party system integration, and remote communications.

The leader in refrigeration energy management and plant optimization

Logix raises the bar continually with leading-edge computerized controls designed to lower energy costs, improve facility operations and boost your bottom line. We're the top refrigeration energy management system manufacturer serving the food/beverage and cold storage industries with digital monitoring systems – and your success is our obsession.

An innovative manufacturer of microprocessor controls for industrial refrigeration since 1990

You need an energy management system delivered on time, on budget, and ready to run on day one. We understand the importance of flexibility, cost competitiveness, commitment to partnership, communication, and long-term support to help you reduce construction costs, begin operations on time and on budget, and ensure ongoing project success. We’re here to help plan the work and to execute the plan. It’s a worry-free decision – you can be sure that partnering with Logix will make your project a profitable success.

Uniquely qualified professionals with expertise in refrigeration and control engineering

You need a partner with energy management system expertise who understands refrigeration, electronic hardware, and computer software. We understand the mechanical processes that we’re controlling, as well as the industry-specific needs of different types of refrigeration customers. For all customers, industrial equipment malfunctions can be very costly in terms of product loss, safety, and liability. But, avoiding operational hazards and costs is only half of the picture. The other half is the value gained through process and efficiency improvements that can yield huge savings and pricing power: risk management + cost containment + process and efficiency improvements = pricing power: your competitive advantage.

Our expertise

We are knowledgeable in the requirements unique to a wide range of industrial refrigeration applications:

  • Pork, beef, poultry and seafood processing
  • Winery, brewery, beverage and dairy processing
  • Cold storage warehousing and grocery distribution
  • Gas compression, petrochemical

Global presence with installations in:

  • North and South America
  • Africa
  • Far East

Isn’t it time to source your solution from a vendor whose core competency is producing refrigeration energy management systems?