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Logix industrial refrigeration energy management control systems increase productivity by optimizing plant operations.

Increase Productivity

Your business has substantial funds invested in machinery, buildings, rolling stock and other fixed capital equipment. We understand that your success is dependent upon maximizing the output of these investments. We share your objective of optimizing your plant’s production and implement that goal into the design of every Logix system we make.

Increase Productivity

Here’s what one customer reports:

Several years ago, one of the mainstay ships in Trident Seafoods’ fleet of processors, the 338-foot Alaska Packer, was seeking to replace its controls for two blast freezer tunnels. Dave Ross, the shore-based vessel manager of engineering for several Trident ships, was introduced to Logix and proceeded to purchase a control system.

“I don’t think we were fully prepared for how much we got,” Ross recalls. “We couldn’t believe the system could tell us so much.” The Logix controls and the Clarity PC-based management interface provided the ship’s engineers with so much data about the blast tunnels’ operations that “we were overwhelmed with the facts we were learning,” he says. Over time, the engineers were able to leverage the monitoring data and the adaptable Logix controls themselves to virtually eliminate blast tunnel icing and downtime by the second year of operation.

“Now, we run 23 hours of full production daily on the Packer.” Not only has Logix virtually eliminated unplanned downtime on the two blast tunnels, the system’s easy adjustability and fine-grained control lets the ship-board engineers alter belt speeds, hot gassing and other parameters to accommodate different demands. The Alaska Packer handles both salmon and herring, for example, “and we have modified the two defrost sequences to accommodate the two fisheries,” Ross says. Furthermore, salmon can vary considerably in size by season and species, and “you can change the defrost sequences at your finger tips in a matter of minutes.”

One of Trident Seafood's main seafood-processing vessels, the 338-foot Alaska Packer

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