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Logix industrial refrigeration energy management control systems improve efficiency and lower production costs.

Improve Efficiency

Making your assets, both physical and human, perform most efficiently means lower production costs for your company’s products and services. And it’s the low-cost producer who gains a competitive pricing advantage and ultimately wins the most market share. Our customers understand this economic principle and have identified Logix control systems as a tool that improves the performance of their assets.

Here’s what one customer reports:

Within the first few months of using the Logix® system, Chateau Ste. Michelle staff reported enhanced winery operations and big time savings from improved efficiency and record keeping. Because the Logix control system flags each problem as it’s happening and sounds an alarm to make sure staff acknowledges and corrects the situation (even if they’re off-site), it provides greater efficiency by reducing the time spent on manual temperature checks and precautionary troubleshooting activity on individual tanks.

“Temperature control is an absolutely critical component of quality winemaking,” says David Rosenthal, Chateau Ste. Michelle enologist. “Logix provides the Chateau Ste. Michelle winemaking team with an effective and easy-to-use system. Logix is one of the most important tools we use to produce our award winning wines.”
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