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Logix Control Panel in Engine Room

How We Do It

We're Your Partner in Success

You need the system delivered on time, on budget, and to your exact specifications. We understand the importance of flexibility, cost competitiveness, commitment to partnership, communication, and long-term support. We strive to help you reduce installation and maintenance costs. Our goal is to help ensure that you realize a rapid return on your investment.


Logix designs and implements refrigeration energy management strategies to lower utility bills, improve output and enhance the competitive position of its clients. A cold storage or food/ beverage processor can easily find a vendor that meets 80 percent of their control requirements. But it's addressing the customer's remaining requirements that makes the difference between a successful installation and one that never fully satisfies. Unlike our competition, we're able to build custom-tailored solutions that meet customer-specific requirements for energy management, operational flexibility, open data exchange, third-party system integration, and remote communications.


We take your mission and make it ours by carefully listening and interacting with you throughout the planning process. We create an environment in which information flows freely, details are studied and options are explored. We engage you on all major strategic decisions; no canned solutions are offered. We go out of our way to create a one-on-one, highly personalized business approach. That’s why when we propose a solution or strategy, you know we have a complete understanding of your precise needs and objectives.