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Henningsen Cold Storage Co.

Who We Serve

Henningsen Cold Storage Co.

Customer Need:

More than two decades ago, Henningsen Cold Storage Co. embarked on a focused energy reduction effort at its many U.S refrigeration facilities.

Logix Solution:

To address this new priority, Logix crafted and installed custom solutions for two Henningsen cold storage facilities, one new and one existing. Based on the success of the initial installations, Henningsen adopted Logix technology for all new facilities, and retrofitted most of its existing plants.

Business Value Delivered:

Within a year of the initial Logix installations, Henningsen realized a 40% reduction in energy usage at the two Logix-equipped facilities. And, of the 80% of its cold storage facilities now controlled with Logix-based solutions, Henningsen reports an average energy savings of 32% attributable to Logix features.

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