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Logix industrial refrigeration energy management control systems boost success by enabling improved understanding and anaylsis of plant refrigeration systems and their efficient operation.

Boost Success

Logix Clarity software performs system-wide data logging that is open to the use of other control, monitoring and database programs. Clarity also provides robust data reporting and analysis tools that improve understanding of the refrigeration system and its efficient operation. These capabilities allow managers to constantly detect problems or trends that need correcting, and then test the efficacy of different operational scenarios. This continuous improvement enables owners to realize ongoing cost and quality improvements beyond the immediate savings provided by the Logix Refrigeration Energy Management System.

Logix's Clarity Open Connectivity Diagram

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Here’s what one customer reports:

Rainier Cold Storage’s primary goal was to reduce the facility’s energy consumption and its monthly energy costs, which averaged $15,000. They recognized they needed an advanced control system to maximize their ROI, and chose Logix as their controls system vendor to reduce energy consumption. “We started realizing significant benefits within the first month of the Logix system installation,” says Rainier Cold Storage president Greg Moore. In the two years since the Logix system was installed, Rainier has used the system’s trend logging (performance analysis) and management software to continually fine tune its operation. This ongoing optimization has permitted Rainier to achieve a continuous decrease in kWh hours used and energy costs, resulting in the company’s lowest monthly bill to date.

Rainier Cold Storage Profile Summary