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Turner Road Vintners

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Turner Road Vintners

Customer Need:

In 1998, Turner Road Vintners had outgrown its existing facility. To handle its increasing crush volume, the company built a new winery. To achieve optimal efficiency, the new facility required a refrigeration control system that would monitor its components throughout each crucial stage of the winemaking process.

Logix Solution:

Logix installed several distributed control panels to efficiently manage Turner Road's refrigeration equipment and monitor the temperature of all chillers. This allows winemakers to monitor and control temperature in the tanks, and also allows remote access to setpoints and logging. In addition, the Logix system monitors temperature in many of the storage tanks, controls pump-over operations and provides local and remote access through the company's network.

Business Value Delivered:

With the Logix control system, Turner Road now enjoys precise temperature control during fermentation, and reduced energy consumption (load-shedding) during peak pricing hours. In addition to the technical benefits of the Logix system, winemakers experience greater peace of mind, thanks to automated notifications of potential system problems and the responsive expertise of Logix technical support.

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