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Merryvale Vineyards Starmont Winery

Customer Need:

When Merryvale Vineyards began construction on its Starmont facility in California's Carneros region in 2006, its overriding goal was to achieve the highest standard of energy efficiency and sustainability in every facet of its operation, as part of its commitment to environmental preservation. The winery's ambitious effort included installing a natural water filtration and drainage system, using recycled steel walls and other building elements, and deploying solar paneling to supplement the facility's electrical system. With the installation of its refrigeration system, Starmont also determined that it required a sophisticated refrigeration controls system to make its operation as energy-efficient as possible.

Logix Solution:

While designing the Starmont facility's refrigeration system, Bill Davidson of Applied Process Cooling Cooperation (APCCO) selected Logix to supply a refrigeration controls solution for the plant. After reviewing the Starmont facility's refrigeration equipment and its energy-efficiency requirements, Logix designed and installed a control system that included the following features: Continuous evaluation of wine tank load and moderation of cooling demand; dynamic adjustment of refrigerant temperature in response to cooling demand; continuous optimization of compressor discharge pressure; and semi-automated gradual lowering of glycol temperature.

Business Value Delivered:

The Logix system reduced the Starmont facility's energy consumption to a level that is 42% lower than the industry average in a similar setting. The combined efforts of the Logix, APCCO, and Starmont staffs have made the facility one of the most energy-efficient operations in the industry. Logix is proud to play a continued role in Starmont's success and commitment to sustainability.

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